Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Riverbank Reflections" Original Oil Painting of the Chattahoochee Riverbank by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

I had convinced a good artist friend to go to the Chattahoochee Riverbank to paint late one evening last week! It was a mild summer evening, so here we go with easel, backpack, and tripod in hand! We had a wonderful time painting beside the water looking out at these reflections and imagining how we were ever going to describe the many beautiful colors in the water! My interpretation of the events is this small landscape oil painting named appropriately " Riverbank Reflections" .

 6"x8" Oil on Canvas/Available

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Mary Janes" Original Oil Painting of Mary Jane Shoes by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

"Mary Janes" is a small still life oil painting describing a classic style of shoe worn by many tiny girls in the American society. I remember my first pair were purchased at "Kitty's Band Box" in Asheville, N.Carolina in the 1950's. From then on, with each new growth spurt we made a trip to the nearby town to be fitted for Mary Janes. Perhaps your little girl has a pair in her closet!! If not, she certainly should have"!

6"x8" Oil on Panel/Available $96.00

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

"When Lightning Strikes" Original Abstract Painting by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


One of my goals as an abstract painter, is to create a pleasing composition no matter how you rotate the canvas. A vertical can become a wonderful horizontal etc. The darks and lights in When Lightning Strikes remind me of bolts of lightning; at the same time the painting has a feeling of serenity!

 48"x48" Acrylic Original Abstract Painting

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"My Turn" Original Oil Bird and Cage Painting by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


Birds circle the air in the spring and summer waiting to sample the menu at the birdfeeder in this painting. I love to watch this activity as I work at my kitchen window! I manage to slowly raise the window being careful not to startle the birds by snapping photographs of them before they fly away! In this small oil painting on canvas board, the bird at the top of the painting is waiting patiently for his turn to feed!

 6x8 Original Oil Painting $96.00/

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Mary Janes" by Deanna Jaugstetter Georgia Artist

Doing a value study of a subject prior to painting the work to be executed is a discipline that is beneficial for the artist. Often, I enjoy the value study so much that I would enjoy framing it as a finished work. Such is the value study for Mary Janes! I use Derwent watersoluble Graphitone pencils for the drawing, then finished the study as I would a watercolor with brush.

Monday, July 8, 2013

"Passages" Original Acrylic Abstract Painting by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


 Passages describes movement through time and space! To some, this painting could be describing a city landscape at night or at dawn. The viewer of an abstract painting makes up his own story about the artwork. In the act of painting, a canvas takes on a life of it's own. There is a zone where the artist becomes unaware of her surroundings and paints free of rules and restrictions!

 30x30 Acrylic on Canvas/Available

 Original Acrylic Abstract Painting

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Best Restaurant In Town" Original Bird Oil Painting by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


 I have so enjoyed having a birdfeeder in view of my kitchen window! There seems to be constant activity since the feeder borders the wooded area! Best Restaurant In Town, a small oil painting on panel, is inspired by the need to capture one of the habits of these tiny creatures!

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Monday, July 1, 2013

"Woodland Breeze" Original South Carolina Landscape Painting by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

"Woodland Breeze", a landscape oil painting is inspired by a photograph which I took in Charleston, South Carolina of the part near an area called The Battery. The huge old oak trees are planted in ordered rows as the light filters through the thick branches. Charleston continues to be one of my favorite cities to visit.

10"x14" Oil on Canvas $350.00

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