Friday, May 27, 2016

Original Oil Female Figurative Painting "You Gotta Have Attitude" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter


 I once heard that in order to convey confidence in life "you gotta have attitude".
 I believe the young woman in this oil painting is someone I would like to spend more time with!
 Don't you love the color green I used for the chair! Even the chair has attitude! 

 10"x14" Oil on Canvas

 Original Oil Female Figurative Painting

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Original Female Portrait Oil Painting "Charm and Grace" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Charm and Grace are desirable qualities in the female. While some men prefer a gutsy, modern type woman, it is my feeling when a woman with gentle qualities enters a room, men take notice. Mind you these coveted qualities are present in men as well! My oil painting is a depiction of what charm and grace might look like!

 24x30 Oil on Canvas

 Original Female Portrait Oil Painting

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Original Red Truck Watercolor Painting "Polished to Perfection" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

 Who doesn't love the color "RED"! While roaming the grounds at a fall festival I spotted this  old truck.
 I couldn't wait to paint it, in fact I painted it three times, this painting being a watercolor.
 It would have made my Mother proud, because as a lover of the color Red, she dressed me in  red for 18 years of my life

 22"x15"  Original Red Truck Watercolor Painting/Available

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Watercolor Vintage Truck Painting Old Truck Art "Best Friends" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

These two old trucks stay parked alongside each other on the gravel path having taken care of their owners needs over the years. The nostalgia of the scene is what drew me in and made me want to capture it all in a watercolor painting. Maybe you have an old truck like these "Best Friends" that needs immortalizing!

 Watercolor Truck Painting Old Truck Art, Vintage Trucks

 22x12 Watercolor/Available

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Western Landscape Oil Painting, Buffalo, Wildlife Fine Art "Memories of North Dakota" Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

A new collector has a fondness for the buffalo she often saw near her home in North Dakota. A faded and damaged card she had for many years became the inspiration for the painting. I used my creative license to bring alive her memories!

8"x10" Oil on Canvas/SOLD

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Georgia Winter Landscape Painting "Backyard Snow II" Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

Outside my studio windows the late afternoon light comes from the west. Atlanta happened to have a rare occurrence of a snowfall which was wooing me into the studio! It was very therapeutic sitting at my drafting table describing with watercolor this beautiful dance of light over the snow and tree trunks.

  12"x14"Watercolor  on Paper/Available

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Still Life Bird's Nest Watercolor Framed Painting "Nest II" by Georgia Artist Deanna Jaugstetter

The painting is sold framed only in a beautiful off white frame embellished with accent distressing.

 8"x8" Watercolor-Matted and Framed Size is 18"x18"


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